Working mother compromise..

If I were a stay at home mother, I’d give bj’s like no other.

The house would be clean, dinner cooked. “Here Schnookums, sit down, relax with a book.”

If I stayed home, the kids would be sweet. They’d fight over nothing. Their rooms would be neat.

I’d dress them in clothes you’d know I’d made by hand. Each little collar would have a “domestic” brand.

The things I would do if I were home all day long!

I’d bake pies and cookies and have weekly meal plans. We’d have HBO, Netflix and of course, On-Demand.

I’d wait for your paycheck on bated breath. The thought of your cock would always make me wet.

If I were a housewife your life would be great! You’d be adored and respected. For sex- you’d never wait.

But sadly for you, I’m a working mother. I clock out of one job and start in on another.

No bj’s for you ’til everything’s done. And who am I kidding? Sometimes, you take forever to cum.

There are clothes thrown all over, the dog peed on the rug.  You want a bj? I need a hug.

I work all day long and hate every minute. But my boss said I’m valued. Now I’m in it to win it.

When we were first dating, I promised the world but having a job has jaded this down home girl.

I’m sorry, baby.

Most days you’re forgotten and saved until last.  “Tonight you clean the dishes and I’ll let you do me in the ass.”


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1 Response to Working mother compromise..

  1. Rodney James says:

    Very nice! Seems unfair the amount of work a mother puts into taking care of a family and working. No matter how much I do to help, she always does more. I think I’ll let my wife know how much I appreciate her!!

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